Nature Crystal Worry bracelet DIY bag

Nature Crystal Worry bracelet DIY bag

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Material:Clear Quartz,Smoky Quartz
Clear Quartz Bead size:VIP Clear QuartzBIG: 15.3-15.6mm

VIP Clear Quartz: 8.3-8.7mm

Golden tassel13.5cm

Smoky Quartz Bead size : 

VIP Smoky QuartzBIG: 16.9-17.3mm

VIP Smoky Quartz: 8.3-8.7mm

Golden tassel13.5cm

Clear Quartz Quantity: 14pcs VIP Clear Quartz BIG beads,9pcs VIP Clear Quartz beads,1pc Big Golden spacer,1pc Small Golden spacers,1pc Golden tassel

Smoky Quartz Quantity:14pcs VIP Smoky QuartzBIG beads,9pcs VIP Smoky Quartz beads,1pc Big Golden flower spacer,1pc Small Golden spacers,1pc brown tassel

Please remember crystals are products of nature, each piece is unique and might have imperfections. The actual color and patterns may very slightly vs picture.

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